Health Insurance

Getting health cover can financially protect you and your family at the most stressful of times

Why is Health Cover Important?

Your health is very important and should be looked after throughout your life. We are quick to get a warrant of fitness on our cars and we should treat our bodies with the same care. What happens if that visit to the GP turns into needing to see a specialist or even having surgery? Do you have health insurance cover to utilise?

Avoid unneeded worry

We have access to New Zealand’s leading health insurance providers and can tailor a health insurance policy that suits you and your family, to get you covered and protect you financially from having to worry about paying for things like: specialist visits, scans, hospitalisation and surgery. In the health sector, the costs can really add up quickly.

It is important to know what you are covered for.  Below are some factors to consider which may be important to you:

  • Non-Pharmac drugs (Most health insurance policies cover you for this, but not all do)
  • There are multiple excess options to make your health insurance more affordable
  • You can ensure your children on your health insurance policy until they are aged 21
  • Some health insurance policies cover you for optical, dental, and GP visits

It is also important to have your policy structured in a way that suits you.  At MakeInsure, we can do this for you simply by:

  • Weighing up the pros and cons of the relevant health insurance products in the marketplace
  • MakeInsure ensure you have the right excess options
  • MakeInsure ensures that any special terms that are put onto your policy are explained in plain English and are justified

Health cover is an important part of your insurance plan, get in touch with an adviser at MakeInsure to find out more click here.